Kristy D. Bock

E2 – Kate is kidnapped by Zane

Previously we met Kate, a woman who found her werewolf bones, and Zane who belonged to a Goddess. Listen in for Chapter Two of A Touch Divine read by Kristy and Derrick.

Kate will have her cake… and her werewolf too!

Kate thought she had it all figured out as an archeologist until a shipment meant for her ex-husband arrives filled with silver canisters containing werewolf bones. But to her surprise, once assembled, the bones transform into a naked man named Zane DeSeville.

500 years trapped in a void have left Zane with a mission – to sever his ties as the assassin for a powerful goddess. With Kate by his side, the two embark on a journey filled with danger, discovery, and unexpected love.

After Kate finds out she’s the daughter of the very goddess Zane serves, she’s thrown into the barbaric Trials of Humanity, fighting to prove her worth among the humans. But a jealous rival goddess threatens to tear apart their journey, forcing Kate and Zane to fight for their lives and their love.

Will Kate be able to overcome the trials and secure her place among the humans, or will her divine heritage bring her downfall?

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