Kristy D. Bock

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Defiance in Death

A Fiction Novel By Kristy D. Bock

Death by karaoke… really? 

In a thrilling tale of dark magic and redemption, Daria must navigate a dangerous underworld, and battle her inner demons. Will she succumb to her monstrous nature, or will she rise above her darkest impulses and embrace her destiny as a supernatural force to be reckoned with?


Kristy D. Bock

Writing silly books about serious things since 2010, prior to that, they were just silly.


Fiction author with a flair for the dramatic, and characters with wings.


Sometimes an extra set of eyes is needed, let's work together to make your book shine.


Kristy has an obsession with Adobe Character Animator and is convinced its will be life changing.

Voice overs

Dipping my toes into reading my work, but since I'm extra, I'll use puppets.

New Arrival

Latest Book Release

Sugar and spice, and everything nice… but with horns, and bad choices.

Touched by Darkness

In Touched by Darkness, experience a gripping tale of forbidden love, angelic defiance, and demonic pursuit.


What They Say

Kristy is always surprised anyone reads her books, let alone comments on them. A few of the commenters wind up in her books…


News & Blog

Tips and tricks of the trade, or just the rambling of Kristy’s weird mind.

Planner vs. Pantser: Navigating Writing Styles

The act of writing is a highly personal and individualistic endeavor, unique to every writer. There are many different approaches and styles, with the two most common being ‘Planner’ and ‘Pantser.’

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