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The Basics of Creative Writing – Kristy D. Bock

The Basics of Creative Writing


Unleash your storytelling potential and unlock the mysteries of creative writing with the Basics of Creative Writing course.

Join author and instructor Kristy D. Bock on an extraordinary journey as we explore the foundations, elements, and craft of creative writing. From understanding the significance of creative writing to crafting captivating plots and developing your unique writing style, this course is designed to empower you to become a skilled and confident writer. Get ready to unleash the magic of storytelling!

ImageWelcome to the Basics of Creative Writing course, a transformative journey that will unlock the mysteries of creative writing and empower you to unleash your storytelling potential.

Throughout this course, your guide and instructor, Kristy D. Bock, an experienced author in the realm of fantasy, will take you on an extraordinary adventure into the world of creative writing.

In Module 1, we will delve into the foundations of creative writing. Together, we will define creative writing, explore its various forms, and understand its profound impact on storytelling and the human experience. By the end of this module, you will possess a clear understanding of the importance of creative writing as a powerful means of expression and communication.

Module 2 will dive deep into the elements that breathe life into stories. From understanding story structure to creating compelling characters, building immersive settings to crafting captivating plots, and selecting the perfect narrative point of view, you will acquire the tools necessary to create engaging and memorable narratives.

Prepare to hone your craft in Module 3, where we will explore the art of writing itself. You will learn the importance of “show, don’t tell,” master the skill of writing realistic and character-specific dialogue, create evocative descriptions, and develop a distinctive writing style and voice that sets your work apart.

In Module 4, we venture into the realm of creativity and inspiration. Discover strategies for generating and developing story ideas, conquer writer’s block, and learn how to transform a flicker of inspiration into a fully-fledged narrative. This module will nurture your creativity and guide you on the path to finding inspiration for your writing.

Module 5 takes us through the writing process, equipping you with the tools to navigate each stage effectively. From drafting to revision, proofreading to incorporating feedback, you will gain valuable insights into refining your work and crafting polished and engaging narratives.

Finally, in Module 6, we reflect on our transformative journey, celebrating the growth we have achieved as writers. We explore the next steps for the aspiring writer, discussing potential paths such as publication, further education, and ongoing practice. This module is designed to inspire you to continue your creative writing journey beyond this course, armed with newfound knowledge and encouragement.

Join us on this extraordinary adventure—the Basics of Creative Writing course—and unlock the secrets of creative writing, unleash your storytelling potential, and embrace your unique path as a writer. Get ready to unleash the magic of storytelling!

Thank you, and let the journey begin!


Introduction to the Creative Writing Course

Kristy D. Bock, acclaimed fantasy author, has firmly entrenched herself in the literary world with her spellbinding narratives that intertwine mythology, magic, and reality in a delightful dance of prose. Bock is not only known for creating mesmerizing worlds within her novels but also for her exceptional dedication to the craft of writing. She doesn't believe in simply crafting tales; she's dedicated to honing her art, continually evolving her skills, and adapting with the ever-changing publishing landscape.

But perhaps what truly sets Bock apart is her commitment to fostering the growth of other writers. Recognizing the challenges and rewards of the writing journey, she generously shares her wisdom and experiences with aspiring authors. She's a firm believer that every voice should be heard and strives to ensure that others have the tools to weave their own tales. Through writing workshops, online forums, and one-on-one mentoring, Bock continuously offers guidance to those embarking on their writing journey. Her dedication not only to her craft but to the nurturing of others showcases her belief in the transformative power of stories and the importance of community in the world of writing.

Module 1: Introduction to Creative Writing

Module 1 Introduction Video
Lesson 1.1: What is Creative Writing?

Explore the nature and definition of creative writing, its various forms and its potential impact. Objective: To define creative writing and establish its importance in storytelling and human experience. 



  • Lecture: Introduction to creative writing, including its definition and examples. 

  • Assignment

Assignment: Exploring Forms of Creative Writing
Lesson 1:2 The Importance of Creative Writing

Lesson 1.2: The Importance of Creative Writing 

Understand why creative writing matters, its role in society, and its personal benefits. Objective: To highlight the value of creative writing as an expressive outlet and a powerful communication tool. 



  • Lecture: Discuss the impact of creative writing on culture and society. 

  • Assignment

Analyzing Impact of Creative Writing
Lesson 1:3 Exploring Different Genres in Creative Writing

Welcome to the world of creative writing! In this lecture, we will embark on a journey to explore the vast and diverse landscape of different genres in creative writing. By delving into various genres, we will not only broaden our understanding of the possibilities within the craft but also ignite our creativity and inspire new ideas. So, let's dive in and discover the richness and uniqueness of each genre!

Assignment: Exploring Different Genres in Creative Writing
Module 1 Vocabulary

Useful vocabulary words covered in Module 1.

Module 1 Quiz: Creative Writing
10 questions
Module 1 Related Reading

Here are two recommendations of public domain works related to the material on creative writing:

Module 2: Understanding the elements of Creative Writing

Introduction to Module 2

Good day! It is an honor to stand before you today as we dive into Module 2 of the Basic Writing Course, instructed by none other than myself, fantasy author Kristy D. Bock. In this module, we will embark on a captivating exploration of the essential elements of creative writing. 

Lesson 2.1 Story Structure - Beginning, Middle, and End

Understand the basic structure of a story and how to effectively write each part. Objective: To comprehend the classical narrative structure and its significance in creating engaging stories.

Assignment: Story Structure - Beginning, Middle, and End

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