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One of my favorite characters, of all those I’ve written, is a chaotic woman named Daria Gale Platts. She’s an unassuming woman who has a hardcore crush on her co-worker who has kept her in the friend zone. One night, while they are all out at a bar, and she’s up on staging singing karaoke the lights go out, and she’s murdered on stage.

Now, this sounds like the end of a tragic story but really, it’s only in the first chapter. Daria is given a new chance at life, or at least an afterlife, as a reanimated corpse. Now, Daria is a roll with the punches kind of person which is fine and dandy until I’m trying to get her to save the world. This book has been at 75k words for over three years, and I can’t seem to write the end.

Because Daria is uncooperative and lazy. What she wants, and what I want are two different things. I imagine some call this writers block, I call it character time out. When she refuses to go where I send her or do what I tell her, I put the story away and come back to it at a later date. This enabled me to finish a few books, but now I’m taking a deeper look at Daria.

Maybe the problem isn’t her at all, but me. Maybe what I want isn’t what’s best for the character. Maybe I should just write the insanity she wants to go toward.

When did characters take over lives? I thought I was the writer. Have you ever experienced lazy or uncooperative characters?

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