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Perception is a funny thing, sometimes it works in our favor, and others it doesn’t. For example, I have the perception that an author on Facebook that I’m friends with is super successful, she pops out a book every few months, has tons of followers, engages them regularly, and is just KILLING it. She was even on the USA Today bestsellers list.

What I didn’t know was that her first ten books sold dismally. Ten. She tried ten times before one of her books caught the attention of some followers. That takes dedication, it really does. I’ve been sitting on five books that I’d written over the last ten years without doing anything with them. They weren’t even for sale. Why? Because I struggle with negative feedback. Writing is my ‘thing’. It’s what I’ve always been good at. If other people don’t like it, can I still say that? Writing is part of my identity, and if others trash it, does it mean I’m trash?

I’ve recently taken a leap of faith. I started building my social media brand, and self-published five of my old stories with new covers and some updates to modernize the story. I also made some advertisement graphics to post all over social media. This is my second attempt to be an author, and not just someone who writes stories.

So, what made me stop in the first place? Someone reviewed a book I’d written and effectively said it was a waste of space. At that point in my life, writing was all I had. I allowed someone else’s opinion to dissuade me from what I enjoyed doing.

This time, I promise to have a thicker skin. Life has changed me in the last ten years, and I value writing more than I value the opinions of others. This time, I’m doing it for me.

Have you ever had negative feedback derail your life?

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