Finding Forgiveness
Finding Forgiveness - A short sweet romance

A sweet romance

Kimberly waited until her youngest child went off to college before she imploded her marriage. After years of infidelity, her heart could no longer bear the thought of staying beside the man who thought so little of her. 

Gregory is not about to let the love of his life walk out on him. He will use every tool in his arsenal to keep his marriage. 

Can she ever trust him again?

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Murdered in her wedding dress.

Savannah Delseno prepared to walk down the aisle before her fiance murdered her. She wakes in a waiting room and watches as different people are herded toward their final destination. When its her turn, she’s offered a job as Death’s assistant as her soul is not able to pass on because of a prophecy that designates her soul belongs to an ancient demon king thought to be dead.

Azrael, the angel of Death doesn’t want a new assistant, but accepts the need. He’s not interested in his new assistant’s needs, he’s never met a soul that couldn’t cross over, so he find her plight interesting. Savannah is determined to survive at all costs, and sets off to find the keeper of her soul.

Preview In Death's Waiting Room

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